The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen Layout

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 2 2013 1:24 AM

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As such then, it’s crucial that your kitchen be a pleasant space to spend time in, and that you put the time and work in to make it so. There are some vital decisions here to be made with regards to your layout, your installations and your design that will greatly impact on how practical your kitchen is and how pleasant to spend time in. Getting these right will mean you don’t resent the amount of time you spend there, but getting them wrong will force you to spend a lot of time in a space that makes you feel stressed and claustrophobic. Here are a few examples of wrong decisions that could ruin an otherwise pleasant kitchen space…

Soft Flooring

Most kitchen flooring is made from stone tiles and for good reason. This material is non-absorbent, it won’t chip or crack easily and it’s easy to wipe. Use any other material for your flooring and you will find your kitchen is considerably more difficult to keep clean and tidy and that it’s less hygienic too.

Dark Colours

Using dark colours in your kitchen might feel like a great plan to hide grime and marks and to thus reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do. In actual fact though, all it will really accomplish is to make your room very claustrophobic and closed in – which is something you’ll be fighting to avoid with your kitchen layout.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances = good. Tons of small appliances that you hardly ever use with wires travelling everywhere = not so good. To keep clutter to a minimum and to free up more workspace, keep your gadgets to the essentials and avoid unnecessary machinery.

Small Sinks

When deciding what gets the most space in your kitchen layout, make sure that your sink is considered one of the most important features. Sinks are of course crucial not only for washing up, but also for washing and cutting veg and even just washing your hands. And if you want to avoid letting crockery and cutlery stack up in huge piles, you need to give yourself a large space for drying and several sections for washing up.

No Planning

If you are laying your kitchen out based purely on what looks good, then you’ll like find that it’s impractical and frustrating to do any work in. The best kitchen layouts think about which appliances you are likely to be using simultaneously, where you are likely to be standing when you want to work, and which items you are likely to need in which positions. Think logically about how you use your kitchen, then plan your design around that…

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