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Carpet adds comfort, warmth and luxury to any room in your home. Carpet also absorbs sound and so makes an excellent floor covering in areas where acoustics and/or silence are major factors such as conference rooms, employee workstations, libraries, etc.

Carpets are very affordable, offer a non-slip surface, are generally easy to clean and to a great extent are stain resistant. They also come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles to suit almost every taste.

The difference in price between types of carpet is largely determined by the type and density of the fibres and the material they are made from.

Nylon is the most hard-wearing fibre and is good for high traffic areas such as stairs and passageways or for families with children and indoor pets. Polyester offers a softer, more velvety feel than nylon and is hard wearing enough for bedrooms, sitting rooms or other areas with just an ordinary amount of wear and tear. Wool is the most luxurious type of carpet and will keep its good looks for longer than other types of carpet – but it is also the most expensive and the least stain resistant of options.

The durability of your carpet also depends on the way the fibres are twisted. Most carpets have between 3-6 twists per inch. You can check a carpet’s density by trying to reach down between the fibres to the backing material beneath – the harder it is to do so, the denser and more durable the carpet.

Our Emco Flooring experts can help explain all this and more so that you can be sure to choose the carpet that is right for you.