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Carpet Installation

Most carpet comes in rolls that measure 12 feet wide and is either cushion-backed or needs to be laid on top of carpet padding.


Cushion-backed carpet

This is much like laying vinyl in that the carpet and pad are pre-bonded so the carpet simply has to be laid out in the room, cut to fit and then glued into place.


Carpet with underlay padding beneath

First, we have to nail a tack strip around the edges of the room to hold the carpet in place. Inside the tack strip we lay out the carpet pad and then staple it direct to the floor. Then the carpet is laid out on top of the underlay pad and stretched into place on to the spikes in the tack strip. The spikes point out towards the walls and so bite into the carpet to prevent it from wrinkling or rolling . We have special carpet stretching tools to assist us in lifting the carpet on to the tack strip since large sheets of carpet can be difficult to maneuver with precision.

Where seams are necessary we always double cut and seal them with seaming adhesive and tape, and make sure that they are hidden away under furniture or in low traffic, low visibility areas.


Stair carpets

Emco Flooring Solutions expert carpet layers are highly skilled in laying stair carpet tight against the step so that it won’t wrinkle or drag down and you will always be able to use your stairs safely.