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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood flooring is not difficult to install but it’s one of those jobs that is perhaps best left to the professionals. We will deliver your hardwood floor about five days before we come to install it so that the wood has time to acclimatize to room temperature and humidity before it is nailed into place.

It helps if you can have the room as clear as possible of all furniture so that we have room to work. On the day of installation, one of our first jobs is to mix up the wood strips from different bundles so that there is a uniform blend of shades and grain across the entire floor. We will also place some strips without nailing to get an idea of how to stagger the joints evenly throughout the room.

Before laying any wood we will prepare the under-floor surface. If your wood floor is being laid on concrete we will have to install joists that allow a 4-inch gap between the cement and the wood itself. The joists are then covered with 15-pound felt paper which is laid perpendicular for greater strength.

Then we find the longest wall and stretch a mason’s line to provide us with a guide to laying the floor perfectly straight. All this preparation is actually the most difficult and complicated part. Once we have our mason’s line in place we nail the first row of hardwood direct to the joists.

After this, it is just a question of selecting the strips, offsetting the joints and nailing row by row into the tongue and groove so that the nails are hidden by the next row of wood. We’ll have to saw off some pieces where the wood abuts a wall or other obstacle. Usually we mitre the joints around columns, stairs and other obstacles.

You will see your floor grow surprisingly quickly.

We will leave a ¾” expansion joint around the edge of the whole room which will be hidden behind a thin strip of molding to give your newly installed floor a neat, finished appearance.

The final step is to dust mop and check the finish. Most hardwood flooring comes prefinished from the manufacturers and only occasionally needs to be touched up.

And there you have it – your beautiful, elegant, newly installed hardwood floor, all ready to gives you years of stylish service and the perfect backdrop for your furniture and fittings.