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Installing Tile

Laying floor tile is an art form and best left to our professional tile layers who have years of experience and can work with the minimum of mess.

The first step, as always, is in preparing the subfloor so that it can support the weight of the tiles and the mortar in which they are set. Often this involves laying cement board on top of the pre-existing floor to make a level surface on which the tile floor plan can be marked.

You will probably already have planned out your tile design on paper but we usually dry-lay out a few of your tiles in place so that you can get a much clearer idea of how the finished floor will look. Once you approve the design we set to work to set them in mortar.

Tile floors usually take longer to lay than other types of flooring and we will have to come back over a period of days to finish mortaring and grouting them into place.

However, as you will see when you check out our photo gallery, the finished effect is well worth the effort and your tile floor will give you years of functional, beautiful service and pleasure.