All hardwood installations
at $1.75/SF !

Our Work

At Emco Flooring Solutions our skilled floorers can both advise you about different types of flooring and assist you with flooring installation, protection, repair, stripping, trim work, moisture and asbestos repair work, and more.

Before any installation takes place we will send a team to measure the room to be sure that we come with the right amount of materials and flooring to finish the job the same day, where possible.

On installation day we will remove your old flooring materials and prepare the subfloor base. Our workers have been trained to work precisely, cleanly, efficiently, and paying close attention to detail. They will cover all doorways and vents to limit dust and debris to the work area and they always clean up completely when the job is finished.

We will always inspect all jobs with you before we leave, and provide you with full information about warranties and the best way to maintain your floor. Once we are gone, all that is left to do is arrange your furniture, sit back with your feet up and enjoy!

Emco expert floorers also provide services of:

  • Floor Protection
  • Floor Repair
  • Floor Leveling
  • Floor Stripping
  • Trim Work
  • Moisture and asbestos repair work

Please call us on 613.862.6199 for more information.

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