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Emco Flooring Solutions is a flooring specialist firm in Ottawa area. Since flooring is the most important part of every architecture, we understand the need to provide best quality flooring solutions. Our team members aim at providing the highest quality of service possible to meet the flooring needs of residential, as well as commercial buildings. We have a long years of experience in providing flooring solution in Ottawa and connecting regions.

At Emco Flooring Solutions our team members provide complete services on floor covering, repair and maintenance. We also provide free of cost consultation to help our clients choose the best flooring designs and material for their home and office. Emco Flooring Solutions have grown rapidly in last few years to offer full-spectrum floor support to our clients. Our experts are enough trained and skilled in their respective fields to provide you with great variety of flooring ideas and styles to choose from.

We provide special services and offers to our clients, that have helped us to achieve great number of satisfied chain of customers. Our research team make continuous efforts to provide best quality flooring products from around the world to ensure quality, durability, and long term commitment. Our special flooring options are of international standards. You will be glad to know that not only our products are durable, but also available at unbeatable market price.

At Emco Flooring Solutions we use state of the art technology, and use advanced methods for installation and repairing. We are associated with some of the most popular brands in the world and make continuous efforts to provide our clients quality products.

Some of our special flooring options are:

  • Carpet flooring
  • Carpet tile
  • Wooden laminate
  • Engineered wooden flooring
  • Rubber tiles
  • Cork
  • Solid Vinyl
  • Linoleum

Let’s discuss some special flooring options in detail.

Concrete floors are available in various styles such as stained, colored, painted, and personalized. They are most suitable for high traffic areas in homes, offices and commercial space.

Rubber flooring can be used in number of ways. These kind of flooring is popular among people due to thermal quality, durability and easy maintenance. These are best suitable for kids room and few areas in factories.

Tiles are available in many varieties, color, style and shapes. You will find a wide range of versatility in terms of look and style. These are easy to maintain and highly durable. Tiles can be used in any part of a building.

Carpet Flooring is considered to be a perfect floor covering for places where sound plays an important role. It is widely used in commercial places such as cinema halls, conference rooms etc. where people are more considerate about additional sounds. Carpet flooring is mostly used in drawing rooms, televisions rooms, employee workstations and conference rooms.

To know more about our special flooring ideas, you can get in touch with us and consult our experts. All you need is to communicate your requirements to our flooring experts and they will provide a price estimate, along with best flooring options on the basis of your preference and space availablity.